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Langelander Shad - Yellow/Fluo Orange
Langelander Shad - Japanese Red
Langelander Shad - Multi Color

Langelander Shad - Multi Color

Color : Yellow/Chartreuse green/Japan RedTail(staart) : Japan Red..


Langelander Shad - Pearl White
Langelander Shad - Pearl Fluo Yellow
Langelander Shad - Salt & Pepper Red
Langelander Shad - Silver Glitter
Octopus Fluo Pink 9cm
Octopus Orange Yellow 9cm
Octopus Green Yellow 9cm
Octopus White Blue 9cm
Octopus Glow In The Dark 9cm
Octopus White Red 9cm
Octopus Hologram Green 9cm
Octopus Red + Silver Glitter 12cm
Octopus Orange Yellow 12cm
Octopus Green Yellow 12cm
Octopus Japan Red 12cm
Octopus White / Fluo Pink 12cm
Octopus Fluo Pink 12cm
Octopus Hologram Yellow 12cm
Octopus Hologram White 12cm
Octopus Japan Red 15cm
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