Passion for fishing

Because of my passion for fishing, my "pouring softbaits hobby" became in 2009 a real company.

The name "Bright Baits" was choosen by my wife, it stands for "thoughtful, striking, outstanding" baits.

We are specialized in products to make fishing softbaits, mainly for predatorfish in fresh- and salt water.

Our company started small in 2009 but soon it became much bigger and well known on the market.

With our sales of 40 000 kg liquid plastic a year we are at this moment the biggest wholesaler and exporter in the EU, our products are distributed in more than 10 countries.

Our customers include creative anglers that wants to make their own baits, shops for reselling and companys that produce softbaits in large quantities for reselling.

Our attitude to give service, quality and the never ending search for new products has given us a known reputation that leads to new satisfied customers every week.

In 2012 became our warehouse to small and was it necessary to move to a bigger 500m² industrial warehouse.

In 2015 we invested in automatic filling machines to keep up with raising demand and to guarantee a quick delivery.

In 2016 my lovely wife Mieke joined the company fulltime as warehouse manager.

We hope u like our products and have a lot of fun with it ! Joachim & Mieke